Head Massage

Head massage therapy, unlike most massage modalities, is focused on one specific region of the body, the head. A head massage therapist can help stimulate the nerves and blood vessels beneath the skin while calming muscle tension around the head.

Wondering if you should request an appointment for a head massage? Below are some of the benefits as to why a head massage might be the right choice for you! 


Headache relief. Head massages can help relieve tension headaches and migraines. A therapist will spend time at the base of the skull as well as the forehead and temple regions to help alleviate headaches. With too much pressure built up from daily stress,  a relaxed head massage can definitely assist in releasing tension; thus relaxing the head and the entire body.


Detox of the body. A head massage stimulates the lymphatic system in our body. This system is known as our body’s waste system. The body uses the nutrients it needs and excretes waste into the lymphatic system which is moved to the lymph nodes to be removed from the body. Head massages help drain the lymph nodes and boosts the immune system.


Better sleep. A head massage provides relief to symptoms of restlessness and stress. This allows for a deeper sense of well-being and relaxation opening your body up to better rest.


Boosts memory. Many times our minds are disorganized due to lack of concentration or overloaded thoughts which prevent us from functioning efficiently. A healthy mind is key to success. A head massage can increase the flow of blood to the nervous system which can soothe your mind and empty it of all thoughts. A massage can also relieve emotional stress and supply oxygen to the brain. With more oxygen flowing to the brain, your sense or enhanced promoting clearer thinking.