Rent a Massage Room by Hour/Month

Only pay for what you need! Massage remedy has rooms for rental by hour for similar or relative businesses in the field (masseuses, estheticians, nail technicians, cosmetologists etc). 
The owner will hold weekly seminar to answer your questions and to help you grow. Certain massage supplies and equipment are provided, such as electronic massage table, hot stones, towels, bed sheets, massage oil, etc. There are regular rooms, Thai massage room, and couple massage room. 

Rental rate can be as low as $18/hour. The more hours you purchase, the better deal you'll get! Please check below for store pictures. If you have any question, please don't hesitate to call us at 346-874-7506. 

Lobby Front Desk.jpg

Front Desk/Lobby

At the organized front desk, our staff will make sure phone calls are not missed and clients are greeted when you are busy. 

Couple Massage Room

Different types of rooms are available to you. This room is ideal for couples who want to do massage together, especially on valentine's day. Sheets, towels, hot stones, and certain other massage supplies are provided. 

Couple Massage Room.jpg
Waiting area.jpg

Couple Massage Room

Well decorated waiting area keeps your client relaxed and happy while waiting. 

Thai Massage Room

Thai Massage room with hanging bars on roof. All massage tables are electronic. You can elevate/lower them by pressing buttons. 

Thai Massage Room.jpg