Swedish Massage


Swedish massage therapy is the modality of massage that most guests will associate with when thinking of getting a massage. As the best-known type of massage, the Swedish massage aims to relax your entire body with the use of long gliding strokes and kneading of different muscles. 


Wondering if you should request an appointment for a Swedish massage? Below are some of the benefits as to why a Swedish massage might be the right choice for you! 

Increased blood flow. During a Swedish massage, a therapist should use effleurage, long stroking motions, to help direct blood towards the heart. This technique opens up blood vessels to increase blood flow. As a result, the muscles in the body are receiving more oxygen and nutrients to remove toxins more efficiently. 


Increased flexibility. For individuals who workout on a regular basis, a Swedish massage will help muscles relax to enable you to experience a wider range of motion. Accompanied by regular stretching, a Swedish massage could help prevent workout-related injuries. 


Reduced stress. The goal of a Swedish massage is to maximize relaxation. With a calming environment and the work of a professional therapist, the level of cortisol, a stress hormone, should lower. Lowering stress reduces or eliminates tension headaches which gives you more energy and a better night’s sleep. 


Improved immune system. One benefit of reduced stress is lower cortisol levels which allows the immune system to grow stronger. This means you spend less time being sick and more time doing things you enjoy!