TMJ Massage


TMJ (Temporal Mandibular Joint) massage therapy, unlike most massage modalities, is focused on one specific region of the body, the jaw and neck region. Jaw movements such as chewing, speaking, and smiling, movements usually taken for granted, can cause sharp and unpleasant pain.


TMJ massage therapy can assist with headaches, toothaches, ear aches, dizziness, nausea, and sinus pressure or pain. Many of these symptoms can be caused by misalignment of the jaw, stress, whiplash, trauma, and neck misalignment.


Wondering if you should request an appointment for a TMJ massage? Below are some of the benefits as to why a TMJ massage might be the right choice for you! 


Relieve headaches. Many people rub the temporalis muscle in attempts to relieve headaches; however, many neglect the masseter muscle which is one of your strongest jaw muscles. To relieve headaches caused by jaw clenching both muscles need to be massaged.


Ease toothaches and earaches. A masseter trigger point can radiate pain directly into a tooth. Treatment of trigger points in overstressed or overused jaw muscles can help remedy toothaches, but also earaches and stuffy ears.


Cure bruxism (jaw clenching and grinding). The pathological clenching or grinding of the jaw that occurs while your asleep is typically stress induced. With prolonged hours of tight jaw muscles, one may experience cracked molars and painful clicking jaws. A TMJ massage can assist in relaxing these muscles and break a bad habit.